A Guide to Creating the Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

Did your family member or friend have a baby recently? Are you looking for the perfect gift hamper for them but can't make your mind what to include?

We've got your back! This guide will help you make a gift hamper that every new mum will love.

Best of all, you won't need any unique or high-end items to create an outstanding gift hamper. You can create an unmatched newborn gift hamper with simple yet practical items that make the life of any new mum much easier.

What Should you Include in a Newborn Gift Hamper?

With so many gift products available for newborns, it's easy to want to include every single product in your gift hamper. However, your gift will be more appreciated for your thoughtfulness, not for the products that you include. When creating a newborn gift hamper, you'll have the choice of including clothing items, baby toys, or even something for the mum.

The important thing is to keep it different and practical. Include things that you know any new mum could do with an extra. For example, no one would mind an extra set of baby clothes or another baby bottle, but two prams just don't make sense.

So, let's get on to specifics. What products make the perfect gift hamper for new mums?

Add Clothing Items

Can't think of anything special to add to your newborn gift hamper? Clothes will always work!

Newborn clothes come in standard sizes and will usually fit. If you're not sure whether it's a boy or girl, you can always add a gender-neutral piece of clothing.

Avoid buying fancy clothing since babies are only going to use newborn clothing for 2-3 months. Rather, go for essential clothing items like caps, shirts, socks, or a dress if it's a girl. The best thing about buying baby clothing is that it never goes out of fashion. Also, new mums are busy and can always do more clothing for their babies.

If you want to go out of your way, you can print a special message or the baby's name on a t-shirt or cap and add it to the gift basket. While completing your gift hamper may take more time, it will also show how much you care for the baby.

Lastly, when adding clothes to your newborn gift hamper, always get suitable clothing for the weather. There's no use in buying summer clothes in the winter since the baby will already outgrow the clothes when summer arrives!

Add Baby Toys

Newborns aren't going to play with many toys, but this doesn't mean you can't include one in your gift box. After all, there's nothing better than a fluffy bear or rabbit as a gift!

When buying toys, make sure they are skin-friendly and don't cause itchiness. Also, while it may be tempting to go for a large teddy bear, choose smaller toys for newborns. You can also include plastic toys that babies love to play with, preferably something that makes noise.

However, make sure the toys are safe for babies and don't choose toys that babies can put in their mouths.

Add Other Essential Items

The perfect gift hampers are always the most practical. You may feel strange to add something as simple as a bib or baby bottle to your gift basket, but these are items that new mums cherish most.

It could never hurt to have a few extra bibs in case all of them get dirt or to have an extra baby bottle or two. You could also add other baby items like a thermometer or baby towels. When choosing the best bib for your gift, consider the Bandana Dribble Bib from The Green Mumma.


Add Wellness Items

What's the point of a baby gift hamper that doesn't have anything for the mother? To complete your gift basket, always include something for the mother. It doesn't need to be too elaborate, and wellness items work best in most cases.

These are items that are most likely to be used, making them ideal for gifts. Here are some product ideas to consider when adding wellness items to your gift basket:

  • XO balm This Balm is as kind to skin as it is the planet. Perfect for treating dry & rough patches of skin, hydrating dry lips, soothing chapped skin, nourishing cuticles and even styling hair. XO Balm is cruelty-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free and fragrance-free, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skins and those suffering with skin conditions such as eczema. A must have for a new mumma!
  • Bath bomb gift box These Bath bombs contains lemongrass essential oils. Research has shown that the essential oil of lemongrass helps people to relax and can be useful for helping to relieve eat restlessness and stress so you can imagine how therapeutic a bath with one of these bath bombs in would be for a new parent to soak in.
  • Hand & Foot Balm Made with a combination of essential herbal extracts and 100% organic ingredients, this balm is the perfect gift to show that you care.

You can also add a few baby care products such as baby shampoo, creams, or other wellness items, but most baskets will already have them.

Get a Ready-Made Gift Box

Get your ready made newborn gift box or hamper here

If you don't want to spend the whole day shopping around for different baby products, you can always get a pre-made gift box. It's a great option if you're in a hurry or you simply can't make up your mind on which gift items to choose.

Many pre-made gift boxes are specialized and will contain a collection of certain product types. For example, a clothing gift box will include a selection of clothing items, and a baby bath gift box will only contain bathing products. It's also difficult to find pre-made gift boxes that have something for the mum as well.

If you're looking for a ready-made gift box with the perfect balance, check out this perfectly curated Mumma Bubba Giftbox. With a natural and welcoming theme, it contains everything a gift hamper should- including a toy, teether, dribble bib, a bath bomb, and even a special note for the new mum!

If you're concerned that you're not adding the right items to your box, these gift boxes can be the perfect time saver!


Create a Custom-Made Gift Box Online

The days of shopping all day for gift products are long gone. Nowadays, you can easily create a custom-made gift box in the convenience of your home with online gift stores. Take some inspiration from the above products and add the best products to your box.

With custom-made gift boxes, you can get special themes as well. For example, The Green Mumma offers gift boxes with a green and natural theme. All the gift products match the theme, which helps you create a unique baby gift hamper.

Some custom gift hampers will also have the option to add a personalized note and can be delivered directly. This is perfect if you're traveling or can't deliver the gift yourself for any reason. 

Check us out today!

Creating a baby gift pamper doesn't have to be a nightmare; we are here to ease the pressure. Even if you know nothing about babies, you can still create the perfect gift box from The Green Mumma with a few essential products. Visit our website for a wide array of green gift hamper options.

Remember, it's not what you give but the giving itself that matters. 

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