Eco friendly baby shower gift guide

Eco friendly baby shower gift guide

Your Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Guide 

Baby showers have a way of reminding us that the future doesn’t belong to us, but our children. Regardless of if you want to be a parent yourself or not, baby showers can be a stark reminder of how the waste we create today will become a problem inherited by future generations.


When you’re looking for gifts for baby showers, it can be tricky to avoid all of the typical plastic toys and disposable things that will only add to the world’s plastic waste problem. Whether the expecting parent is already eco-conscious like you, or you simply want to make sure that what you buy is Earth-friendly, eco gifts for baby showers are a great way to support new parents and their kids without sacrificing your eco-friendly ideals.


Thankfully, if you’re looking for eco baby shower ideas, there’s never been more choice available. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can share the eco love at your next baby shower.

Eco-Friendly Crafts

We don’t think there’s an expecting parent in the world who won’t appreciate handmade gifts for their new baby. Whether you can knit, crochet, or sew some new clothes or a blanket, or even if you love working with clay and want to make a custom ornament for the newest member of your friend’s family, handmade gifts are fantastic gifts.


For knitters and crocheters, there is a wide range of eco-friendly yarns you can choose from. From organic cotton, which is easy for parents to throw in the wash, to fibres like wool, alpaca, or even recycled t-shirt yarn, there’s an eco-friendly yarn of pretty much any weight you could need.


If you prefer to sew, you could choose to upcycle old clothes from a charity shop, or even re-fashion old bedsheets into baby grows and onesies. You might even be able to get your hands on some of the expecting parent’s old baby clothes, an old blanket, or even another piece of fabric that means a lot to them, and sew it into something new for their baby.


Offer Your Services

Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen, you’re great at putting together flat-pack furniture, or you’re a trained massage therapist, there’s so much you can offer to expectant parents that don’t involve you buying them anything. Even before the baby arrives, there’s so much that parents need to get sorted that it can be a stressful time for them.


A fantastic eco baby shower idea is offering new parents your services, whenever they need them. This could be offering to put together cribs, paint their baby room, cooking them meals after the baby’s born, or even offering to babysit so the parents can go out for dinner.


Plus, if you can offer more specialised services like in-home beauty treatments, gardening services, or even house cleaning, we’re fairly certain that there’s no expecting parent that won’t turn down the offer of extra help before or after the baby comes.


Sure, you’re not actually buying them anything, but offering your time is a great way to show you care. And, if you want to give them something that they can open, creating “gift vouchers” for these services can be a fun way to present your gift - as well as providing them with a reminder that you’re there to help.


Eco Gifts for Baby Showers

If you just want to buy an eco-friendly gift that expecting parents will love, here are some gift ideas that we’re loving right now.

Plan Toys Gift Sets

Plan Toys are an awesome eco-friendly brand that makes toys from recycled rubber plants that no longer produce latex. They don’t use any harmful chemicals in their toys, either, and they’re dedicated to being a carbon-neutral company that actively contributes to reforesting efforts.


Not only that, but their toy sets are adorable, too. All of their toy sets are gender-neutral, and there’s a huge range to choose from. From vet play kits to wooden cameras, puzzles to car racing tracks, you’ll have a tough time picking which toy set you want to spoil your friend’s new arrival to.


Organic mother and baby skincare

Organic, natural bath and body care are a great gifts, packaged in glass jars and bottles, and formulated with natural botanicals and essential oils, is great for new parents to have on hand.


You can choose between bath liquids formulated with essential oils to help young ones sleep, creams to soothe sore skin, nipple balms and tummy balms for mum too.


When choosing a skincare gift for mum and baby, it is important to take into account individual likes and dislikes of smells, allergies and also to check they are safe to use when pregnant.



Changing Backpack

An absolute essential for an expectant parent. Backpacks can not only fit all of babies essientials in, but can but slung over the shoulder or on the back. Dads also dont mind wearing a stylish back pack changing bag which is a bonus!

There are many different styles and materials you can find. While faux leather can be an environmental nightmare on low-quality products, it’s just a fancy name for plastic - a changing backpack is a stylish accessory for parents on the go, and it has enough compartments to hold all the baby accessories you need. There’s often even an insulated pouch for a baby bottle and a removable clutch for wet storage if needed.


Plus, a changing backpack is fully multi-functional. Once the baby’s grown and parents don’t need to carry nappies around anymore, parents can easily repurpose a backpack as a laptop bag - or, for anything else they need.


The Green Mumma Gift Box

If the baby shower is going to be a remote affair, then you can get an eco-friendly gift box delivered directly to your friend’s door. Or take it along to the shower as a beautifully presented gift box.


With a muslin cloth made of 100% organic cotton, a teether, vegan and cruelty-free bath bomb, a hand made crochet toy and bib for baby, this little gift box is great for new parents and their bundle of joy. Many other items and boxes are available, including hampers. What I really love about The Green mumma is that, with every box sold a tree is planted. All packaging is fully recyclable and contain zero plastic.


Depending on your budget, The Green Mumma also offer a variety of different gift boxes and individual products for new parents, and their new arrival, so make sure to check out the full selection.


Hooded Baby Bath Towel 

A hooded baby bath towel is a super-cute addition to any new parent’s bath time, and will have been designed to be super soft, absorbent, and help prevent too much heat loss following bath time. There are many different hooded baby towels on the market. When choosing your bath towel, be sure to check the material of the product.


Knitting Kits

You can knit the gift yourself, giving the new parents a finished product that has been made with love. However Knitting is a fantastic hobby for relaxation, and there’s nothing more empowering than being able to make clothes yourself. knitting kits are a great gift idea for new parents, because it teaches them how to make booties, hats, mittens, or sweaters for their new arrival, and helps them to learn all the techniques they need to tackle more advanced patterns as their baby gets older.


Its good to check the yarn included in these kits is 100% merino wool, which is super soft and durable for the baby, and the knitting needles are made from sustainable bamboo. You’ll be giving new parents the most sustainable gift of all - the gift of a new hobby!

A Subscription

Subscriptions and subscription boxes are great for spreading your gift out over a series of months, and can be for a range of different much needed items. skincare subscription boxes are a great gift, but there are also sensory boxes and many more types available!


We know that when it comes to choosing baby shower gifts, it’s often hard to decide whether to get something for the baby or the expecting parents. With Ecoco, you can choose to either get a gift subscription with products either for just the parent or for the parent and baby, which is a great way to make sure your friend is getting all the luxurious skincare they deserve.


Welcome to the World Tree Gift Pack

With planting memorial trees becoming increasingly popular, why not treat the expecting parents to a tree sapling to grow alongside their new arrival? This gift pack comes with a tree sapling of your choice, a protector tube and stake, an FSC-assured wooden plinth, and an optional personalised metal plaque.


There’s a wide range of tree saplings to choose from, all of which are suitable for either planting in a garden straight away or for planting in a large container for up to 5 years. This gift pack is a great way for new parents to mark the arrival of their new baby while also positively contributing to the environment and their local ecosystem.


Bamboo Suction Tableware Set

One of the messiest parts of any parent’s life is when their kid starts eating solid foods. With most baby tableware, it’s all too easy for kids to overturn their plate, throw things on the floor, or even just tip food down themselves.


An Eco-friendly mess solution is bamboo and silicone suction tableware. There are so many to choose from on the market, You can get a bamboo plate and bowl with BPA-free silicone suction cups to keep them attached to the table, as well as a bamboo sippy cups with a silicone cover, bamboo straws, and a bamboo spoons. A new parent would be so greatful for any of these on their weaning journey!


Baby Mobile

A cute gender-neutral mobile is the perfect eco baby shower gift for parents who love minimalistic designs. There are now so many lovely designs to choose from, most of them made from 100% wool felt and hypoallergenic polyester stuffing, with high-quality stitching all-around to guarantee the mobile lasts a long time.


Say goodbye to the days of clunky plastic mobiles! It is definitely all about hand made, less is more! which is why we think this would look adorable hung up next to the baby’s crib.


Reusable Nursing Pads 

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is navigating seemingly endless disposable products. These reusable nursing pads are a great way to help new parents reduce the inevitable amount of single-use products they need for their new baby, while also helping breastfeeding parents stay comfortable and leak-free.

These three-layer pads are designed for absorbency and feature a pretty design on one side, comfortable and soft terrycloth or fleece on the other, and flannel in between to keep parents dry between feeds. They’re also machine washable and can be tumble-dried, making them perfect for busy parents.

Washable baby wipes are another great must have. Reducing waste, soft on baby's skin and machine washable for easy cleaning! Try and opt for bamboo wipes if possible, Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is quick drying and super absorbent. Perfect for little ones and the whole family.


Eco Gifts for Baby Showers: In Summary

With climate change and plastic waste becoming even more visible, there’s never been more option for eco-friendly gifts for both babies and new parents. No matter your budget, there are tons of different options, from cheap, sustainable toys to luxury changing bags and accessories. Plus, if you don’t have any budget to spare, we know any new parent will appreciate the gift of your time, so you don’t even have to spend anything if you can’t afford it.

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