Fun activities to do with kids in and around the home

Fun activities to do with kids in and around the home

Fun activities to do with little ones in spring

Indoor activities for a rainy day

Rainy days can be a challenge when it comes to entertaining small children. However, there is no need to worry; with a little bit of imagination, there are plenty of fun activities and crafts that will keep kids busy when it's raining indoors. Here are some ideas for rainy-day activities for small children.

Water Painting

Turn those dreary days into bright, colorful ones with water painting! All you need is some paper, liquid watercolors or food coloring, and some brushes or cotton swabs. Fill each cup with some water and add drops of color until you get the desired hue. Gently dip your brush in the cup and paint away! Don't forget to have old towels on hand since this can get a little messy but also lots of fun!

Marble Wall Art

Creating marble wall art is easy and only requires some marbles (preferably round ones), paint, paper, and tape. Start by taping white paper onto the wall (this will make the artwork easier to remove later). Then squeeze a few drops of different colored paints on the paper in different shapes - stars, circles or whatever shape you prefer. Finally place your marbles at the top of the wallpaper and gently roll them down towards the paint shaped designs below - voila! You now have beautiful marble wall art that your child can be proud of.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt is an interesting activity that helps keep children entertained while using their problem solving skills too. Simply grab some household items like beads, keys or coins and hide them around different areas in your home such as under pillows or behind furniture pieces. Create clues for their hunt such as "I live over my head", then leave them somewhere near to where they should find what they're looking for – once they've finished finding all the clues they'll have rewarded themselves with something special at last!

With these ideas in mind, rainy days can become more enjoyable than ever before by providing your children with a day filled with fun activities and crafts while staying safe indoors.

Puddle splashing

Why not embrace the British weather?! One of my absolute favourite things to do when I was a little one, was to throw on my wellies and waterproofs and go splashing!

Enjoying Springtime at Home: Fun Activities & Crafts for Young Children

Spring is a wonderful time of year when the flowers begin to bloom and the days become warmer. With this season comes many fun activities and crafts that can be done with young children and toddlers around the home or in the garden. Here are some ideas for enjoying springtime at home with your little ones:

Bubble Painting

Bring out the creativity in your young artist with bubble painting! All you need is some old muffin tins, food coloring, dish soap, water, straws, and paper. Fill each muffin tin with half a cup of water, add several drops of food coloring, then top off with a few squirts of dish soap. Dip a straw into each tin and have your child blow through it to create beautiful bubbles on paper - watch them marvel at their creation! Remember to have old towels handy to keep things clean.

Nature Walk

Nature walks are great for getting kids away from screens and exploring nature in their own backyard. Pack up some lunch or snacks and go on an adventure around your neighborhood - whether it’s observing animals, collecting leaves, looking for shapes in clouds or just taking in the fresh air – let your imagination take you wherever it desires!

Planting Seeds

Planting seeds is an educational activity that helps teach children about nature and how things grow. Gather up some pots or containers filled with soil and find some seed packets at a garden center - sunflowers are perfect for this activity as they stand tall while they grow! Show your child how to plant a seed by poking a hole into the soil then dropping it inside. Water the soil lightly every day until sprouts appear - soon enough they’ll be watering plants all on their own!

Rock and stone painting

We do this every year! Why not find some stones, rocks or pebbles (from your nature walk or around the garden) and spend time painting, and decorating them. We often do themes, easter chicks with googly eyes are a firm favourite!


These activities should help make spring enjoyable while creating lasting memories between you and your children – so don’t forget to bring along your camera! Enjoy every moment together as winter melts away into something new again.

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