Natural Teething Remedies

Natural Teething Remedies

Teething is a natural part of childhood, but the pain and discomfort it causes can be hard on both parents and babies. While teething gels and drugs may offer some relief, there are also natural remedies that you can use to soothe a baby's sore gums.


What to expect from a teething baby.

Teething usually begins somewhere around six months of age, but can start as early as three. Generally, it takes a baby between 18 and 30 months to finish teething. During this time period, babies may be fussy and drool more than usual due to soreness in their gums.


Teething symptoms sometimes confused with illness. 

Some side effects of teething that could be misinterpreted as illness. Babies may also experience a low fever during teething due to inflammation in their gums, but this is usually mild and lasts only a few days. Other symptoms that are sometimes confused with illness include diarrhoea, nappy rash, earache, hot red cheeks and loss of appetite - all of which can be caused by teething.


Natural remedies for teething babies:


1. Cold foods and objects: Provide your baby with cold, solid foods such as a chilled cucumber spear or frozen bagel to gnaw on. Don’t forget the old standby – a cold, wet washcloth! Babies can also find relief from teething toys that are made for the freezer.


2. Herbal teas: Chamomile, fennel and peppermint are all herbs that can help soothe a baby’s sore gums. Steep the herbs in boiling water for around 10 minutes before straining out the leaves and allowing to cool completely. Offer your baby small sips of the tea, or soak a washcloth in the tea and offer it to chew on.


3. Soft brushing: Use a soft-bristled baby toothbrush to gently brush your baby’s gums and teeth before their regular bedtime routine. This can help provide soothing relief from teething pain as well as helping clean away food particles and bacteria.


4. Teething oils: Essential oils such as chamomile, clove, and peppermint can help soothe aching gums when used correctly. Dilute a few drops of the oil in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and gently massage it on your baby’s gums with your finger.


5. Frozen fruits: Put some frozen fruit or vegetable slices in a baby mesh feeder  and give it to your baby. The coldness of the food will help numb their gums, while the texture is perfect for teething babies to chew on. This is great if your baby isn't fully on solid foods and the feeder only let small pieces and juice through.


6. home made baby frozen pops have been a huge help in my household, my little one loves them, as does my 5 year old! Not only are they a great teething remedy, but they are a lovely sweet treat on a hot day. I whizz up strawberries and banana with a dash of water, pour into the ice pop mould and freeze for a few hours, perfect!


Must haves for a teething baby

Teethers are an absolute must have, you can get many different materials. Wooden teethers are a great natural aid. I personally love food grade silicone teethers, they can be sterilised for easy cleanliness, frozen for a cooling relief and are flexible around babies gums. I always ensure that when purchasing a silicone teether I purchase those that are:

  • Non-toxic food grade silicone
  • Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium
  • Can be Refrigerated, Sterilizer and is Dishwasher Safe

You can find these on The green mumma store! click here.


Dribble bibs are a must-have accessory for teething babies! Not only do they protect your baby’s clothing from getting wet, but they also help soothe sore gums. They come in a variety of styles and materials, from organic cotton to lightweight muslin. The green mumma dribble bibs are super absorbent and come in a lovely range of designs! The Green Mumma have some beautiful organic cotton bibs, click here to take a look!


By trying out different natural remedies, you’re sure to find one that helps your little one find relief from their teething pain. Always use common sense when giving your baby anything to chew on, and don’t forget to check with your doctor before trying any new remedy. With these natural remedies, you can help make teething time a little bit easier for both of you!


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